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Fasting Blood Sugar and Adherence to Diabetes Control Recommendation : Impact of Education Using Short Messaging Service of Cellular Phone



INFORMATION : page. 13~19 / 2003 Vol.5 No.2


Purpose : The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the education using short messaging service(SMS) on fasting blood sugar(FBS) and diabetes adherence. Method : Forty-five diabetic patients being assessed pre and post intervention was used to assess the effectiveness of the education. Participants were requested to input the FBS and 2 hours post-prandial blood sugar everyday in http://www.biodang.com by cellular phone or wire internet. The goal of the education was to lower FBS and keep diabetes adherence. The education was applied to the for 12 weeks. The education consisted of continuous education and reinforcement of diet, exercise, medication adjustment, as well as frequent self-monitoring of blood glucose levels. The education performed weekly. All medication adjustments were communicated to the participants' doctor. FBS and diabetes adherence were measured before and after the education. Results : The education using SMS of cellular phone had decrease FBS and increase oral medication taking, exercise, foot care, and hypoglycemia preparation adherence.

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당뇨병환자,휴대폰 문제메시지,혈당,자가관리,fasting blood sugar,adherence,short messaging serves,cellular phone,diabetic Patients


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