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Analysis of Allergy Symptoms and Quality of Life among University Students with Allergic Rhinitis


Mi Ryeong Song 
Joon Soo Park 

INFORMATION : page. 264~271 / 2013 Vol.15 No.4


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to analyze the symptoms of allergic rhinitis among university students and assess their quality of life (QOL) in order to establish an effective program for university students with allergic rhinitis. Methods: The data were collected in May, 2012 in a university school health center. The collected data were analyzed in terms of frequency, percentage and mean for the symptom types and QOL among 131 university students with allergic rhinitis. An independent t-test was conducted to determine differences in QOL according to general and disease related characteristics. Results: Symptoms were reported in the following order: nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, sneezing, and nasal itching respectively. The mean score of QOL of the participants was 2.24 (5 point). Nasal symptoms such as rhinorrhea (M=3.16) and nasal obstruction (M=3.12) had the highest score and affected QOL badly in the item analysis. QOL differed according to the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis history, skin test reaction, some symptoms and allergens. Conclusion: To establish an effective management program for increasing QOL among university students with allergic rhinitis, symptom management methods for nasal obstruction and rhinorrhea should be included in the program.

Keyword :

Rhinitis,Quality of life,Students,Allergens,알레르기성 비염,삶의 질,학생,알레르기원


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