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Blood Biochemical Parameters, Physical Activity, Stress and Sleep Management by Body Mass Index



INFORMATION : page. 133~140 / 2014 Vol.16 No.2


현대사회의 발달은 경제성장과 더불어 현대인들의 식습관 변화와 신체활동의 감소에 따른 비만인구의 지속적인 증가를 유발하게 되었으며, 최근 이와 관련된 여러 가지 건강문제가 전 세계적으로 큰 사회적 문제로 대두되고 있다. 미국의 경우 1990년부터 2008년까지 조사한 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)의 자료를 바탕으로 2030년에는 미국 인구의 51%가 비만일 것이라고 예측하고 있다(Finkelstein et al., 2012). 우리나라의 경우에도 비만이 계속적으로 증가하는 추세이며, 비만은 그 자체뿐만 아니라 이로 인해 발생되는 신체적, 정신적, 사회·경제적인 면에서도 심각한 문제이다.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the comparison of blood biochemical parameters, physical activity, stress, and sleep management between obese and non-obese subjects according to the body mass index (BMI). Methods: Data were collected from February 1 to May 31 in 2012. This research involved 403 subjects who visited an obesity clinic in Korea. They were divided into 4 groups: normal weight 100 (18.5≤BMI<23.0 kg/m²), overweight 100 (23.0≤BMI<25.0 kg/m²), obese 100 (25.0≤BMI<30.0 kg/m²), and severely obese 103 (BMI≥30.0 kg/m²). Data were analyzed using SPSS version 19.0. Results: There were significant differences on the SGPT (F=22.98, p<.001), SGOT (F=12.91, p<.001), creatinine (F=4.82, p=.003), triglyceride (F=20.17, p<.001), and total cholesterol (F=6.55, p<.001) among the subjects according to the BMI. There was no significant association between frequency of physical activity according to the BMI. There was significant association regarding the management of sleep (F=5.13, p=.002), but no significant association regarding the management of stress. Overall, there were significant association regarding the management of stress and sleep (F=3.79, p=.011) among the groups. Conclusion: The result of this study suggests that it is possible to use the information as basic data for educational and nursing intervention programs based on the BMI.

Keyword :

Obesity,Blood Chemical Analysis,Physical activity,Stress,Sleep,비만,혈액생화학적 지표,신체활동,스트레스,수면


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