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Reduction of Migration and Invasion Ability of nm23-H1 Transfected U87MG



INFORMATION : page. 47~56 / 2005 Vol.7 No.1


nm23- H1 gene expression has been inversely correlated with tumor metastatic potential in certain tumors including melanomas. breast carcinomas, and hepatocellular carcinomas. However. its role with respect to the invasive behavior of central nervous system tumors has scarcely been addressed. Because cell motility and invasion plays an essential role in metastatic dissemination, we have studied whether motile human glioma cell(U87MG) transfected with nm23-H1 complementary DNA have any alterations in their ability to migrate and invade. There was no significant changes in the shape and size of the cells following nm23-H1 transfection. The role of nm23-H1 in glioma migration and invasion have been evaluated by in vitro simple scratch technique and brain slice invasion model, Basal migration ability of nm23-H1 transfectants cell(U87MG-pEGFP-nm23) were lesser than U87MG. Accordingly, U87MG-pEGFP-nm23 didn't migrate away apparently from the tumors implanted site comparing U87MG in brain slice invasion model. These results suggest that nm23-H1 may play an important role in suppressing the human glioma migration and invasion.

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종양 전이,침윤능,신경교종,nm23-H1,tumor metastatic potential,migration,invasion,human glioma


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