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Clinical Characteristics and Nursing Cares of Tsutsugamushi Disease Occurred in Gyongsangbuk-do Community



INFORMATION : page. 35~44 / 2003 Vol.5 No.1


Objectives : Though Tsutsugamushi disease has been reported with increasing frequencies in rural communities in Korea, it is not easy to find the nursing investigations. Method : We have conducted a survey on 30 cases who had the fever as a chief complaint, then clinically ruled out the Tsutsugamushi disease in autumn of 2000~2001. Data were collected retrospectively by investigation of the general characteristics, clinical and laboratory findings, their nursing care. Findings : Of 30 cases, 46.7% were farmers, and 60.0% had chances of exposure to fields or mountains. The characteristic symptoms and signs were febrile sense and chill(100.0%), headache(80.0%), and eschar(66.7%). Abnormal laboratory findings were anemia(23.3%), elevated AST(60.6%), ALT(63.3%), and abnormal urinalysis findings(50.0%). 53.3% were serologically confirmed as Tsutsugamushi disease. Therapeutic nursing cares were composed with warm up by blancket(50.0%). Ice bag(50.0%) and doxycycline antibiotic therapy(100.0%). Other nursing care for them included fluid therapy(100.0%) and nutritional support with regular(56.7%) or soft diet(43.3%). Conclusion : The above results indicate nurses who take care of acute febrile clients should make herself responsible for the fever and pain management as well as give education for infection control for the community inhabitants.

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쯔쯔가무시병,열,괴사딱지,Tsutsugamushi disease,fever,eschar


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