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Hindlimb Muscle Atrophy of Rat Induced by Neuropathic Pain



INFORMATION : page. 88~95 / 2008 Vol.10 No.1


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of neuropathic pain by peripheral nerve injury on mass and TypeⅠ and Ⅱ fiber cross-sectional areas on hindlimb muscles of the neuropathic pain model rat. Method: Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats (body weight 200-220 g) were assigned to one of two groups: a neuropathic pain group (n=7) that had a ligation of the left L5 spinal nerve, a control group (n=5), a naive rat without any procedures. Withdrawal threshold, activity, body weight and food intake were measured daily. At 8 days after neuropathic pain, all rats were anesthetized and the soleus and plantaris muscles were dissected from the both hindlimbs. Body weight, food intake, muscle weight and Type Ⅰ and Ⅱ fiber cross-sectional area of the dissected muscles were determined. Result: The neuropathic pain group showed a significant decreases (p<.05) as compared with the control rats, in diet intake, body weight, muscle weight and Type Ⅱ fiber cross-sectional area of the left (affected side) soleus and plantaris muscles, and the right (unaffected side) muscle weight of plantaris and Type Ⅱ fiber cross-sectional area of the soleus muscle. Conclusion: The hindlimb muscle atrophy occurs in both affected and unaffected side due to neuropathic pain by the peripheral nerve injury. The hindlimb muscle atrophy of the affected side is more pronounced than that of the unaffected side.

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통증,쥐,신경손상,근위축,(Neuropathic) Pain,Rats,(peripheral) Nerve injury,(hindlimb muscles),Muscular atrophy


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