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The Outbreaks, Treatment and Lifestyle in Children with Atopic Dermatitis



INFORMATION : page. 77~84 / 2009 Vol.11 No.1


아토피 피부염은 주로 유아와 소아에 발생하는 만성 재발성 피부염으로 유병률은 전 인구의 5-10% 정도로 보고되고 있으며, 미국의 경우 만 3-11세 아동의 20%에서 나타나며, 지난 30년간 계속적으로 증가하는 추세에 있다(Kay, Gawkrodger, Mortimer, & Jaron, 1994). 우리나라에서도 초등학생이 아토피 피부염을 진단 받은 경우가 1995년 16.6%에 비해2005년 24.9%로 증가되고 있어(Hong, Ahn, Lee, & Kim, 2008) 의료계의 관심뿐아니라 아동을 둔 부모의 관심도 집중되고 있는 실정이다. 정확한 병인은 알려져 있지 않지만 유전적, 환경적, 면역학적 요인이 복잡하게 연관되어 발병하는 것으로 추측되고 있으며, 유발요인으로 자극물질, 공기알레르기원, 음식, 미생물, 성호르몬, 스트레스 요인과 기후학적 요인이 알려져 왔다(Morren et al., 1994).

Purpose: This study was performed to investigate outbreak, treatment, and lifestyle in children with atopic dermatitis (AD) for developing a health promotion education program. Method: Data were collected from 2,920 children with AD in preschool and elementary schools in K city. Result: The majority of children (43.75%) were onset in less than 1 yr after the birth. The locations of skin lesion were face, extension of extremities, and flextion of extremities, neck and trunk. The types of treatment were complement therapies, and medical treatment such as pediatrics and dermatology. Their par-ents chose a type of treatment for their children. Of complement therapies, the most common type was aroma oil. Herbal medicine was the most eating type among complement therapies. In lifestyle, the preferred bathing method was show-er. In applying moisturizer, the most common time was within 3 min after bath. The highest frequency of taking instant/processed diet was 1-2 times per week and the most preferred type was pork. Conclusion: A Health promotion edu-cational program with AD in preschool and elementary school children should included a specificity of disease, the recent treatment guideline, life therapy and evidenced complement therapy by child and family unit for the promotion of their health.

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Atopic dermatitis,Outbreaks,Complementary therapies,Lifestyle,아토피 피부염,발병,보완대체요법,생활습관


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