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Sports injuries and the changes in physical activity, perceived health state and exercise self-efficacy according to the sports injuries of the elderly who participate in physical activities


Kyung Hee Seo 
Young Eun 
Mi Yang Jeon 

INFORMATION : page. 102~109 / 2016 Vol.18 No.2


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to describe sports injuries among elderly people and to compare physical activity, perceived health status and exercise self-efficacy between elderly people who had experienced a sports injury and elderly people who hadn’t. Methods: The sample of this study were 100 elderly in Korea, 51 of whom had had a sports injury. The study used questionnaires to gather data. There were 8 demographic factors, 4 factors related to physical activity, perceived health status and exercise self-efficacy of the subjects. Data were analyzed by frequencies, chi-square test, and t-test. Result: Among the sports injured elders, one occurrence of a sport injury was 86.3%. There were more outdoor than indoor sports injuries of elders (66.7%), and sports injuries of elders occurred more in the winter (82.7%). The major cause of the sports injuries was loss of balance. Ankles were frequently damaged from these injuries. The most significant change after the sports injury was reduction of physical activity (60.8%). There were significant differences between sports injured elderly and non-injured elderly for age (χ2=2.58, p=.011) and the amount of physical activity (t=1.96, p=.050), but there was no significant difference in perceived health status and exercise self-efficacy. Conclusion: To prevent sports injuries in the elderly means to maintain a medium level of physical activity and to improve their balance.

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운동손상,신체활동,지각된 건강상태,운동자기효능감,노인


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