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A Qualitative Content Analysis of Experiences on Concept Mapping for Pathophysiology in Nursing Students



INFORMATION : page. 356~362 / 2015 Vol.17 No.4


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of nursing students in Korea who used concept mapping for understanding pathophysiology. Methods: The data were collected using an open-ended questionnaire from 83 sophomore nursing students after studying concept mapping in pathophysiology class. Each group consisted of five nursing students submitting four concept maps regarding cell injury, inflammation, infection, and neoplasm. After familiarity with concept mapping, the participants wrote their experiences anonymously on sheets of paper. The submitted materials were analyzed via qualitative content analysis. Results: The collected materials were classified into 3 themes, 8 categories, and 18 subcategories. Three themes emerged: (1) awareness of capabilities, (2) difficulties of completion, and (3) benefits of application. Conclusion: The study revealed that participants experienced self-capabilities, and the difficulties and benefits of concept mapping. Concept mapping also provided the opportunity for nursing students to realize communication skill improvement by active group discussion within a group..

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개념도,내용분석,간호학생,병태생리학,Concept mapping,Content analysis,Nursing student,Pathophysiology


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